One of the biggest misunderstandings about addiction recovery is that withdrawal symptoms end in a matter of days. Although many of the worst withdrawal symptoms occur during the detox period, others can persist for weeks or even months. For that reason, it is essential to find a rehab program that focuses on withdrawal management. At Gateway Foundation Joliet, clients can expect support as they stabilize their health and overcome any lingering withdrawal symptoms.

Seeking Medical Stability

a woman drinks tea as part of withdrawal managementWithdrawal is the process by which your body and your brain learn to function without access to your preferred addictive substance. Withdrawal symptoms can be mild, but they can also be severe. A big part of withdrawal management involves getting patients to a place of physical and medical stability.

This might start with something basic like dehydration. When you’re struggling with nausea, you probably won’t be drinking enough liquid. However, being dehydrated can make you feel worse and detract from your valuable addiction treatment services. Something as simple as drinking electrolyte solutions can combat dehydration and improve your health.

In rare cases, achieving medical stability will be harder. Fortunately, patients will have access to medical professionals. They can recommend medications or suggest treatments that can help speed up physical stability. Once your medical health is taken care of, you can start to focus on the other critical aspects of recovery.

Working Toward Emotional Stability

Withdrawal symptoms aren’t just physical. In fact, some of the withdrawal symptoms that tend to last the longest are emotional or psychological. Addiction is a disease, but it is also a mental health disorder. Therefore, your mental health will be impacted during recovery.

Withdrawal management can and should focus on your mental health and emotional stability. That means ensuring that patients aren’t struggling with overwhelming feelings of depression, anxiety or paranoia. Without monitoring and support, some clients can experience dangerous suicidal thoughts. The right care can make all the difference and help clients stay on track with their recovery.

Handling Any Lingering Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms don’t necessarily end on the day you leave detox. For some drugs, withdrawal symptoms can last weeks or even months. It all depends on how long you’ve been dependent on a substance and what that substance is.

Fortunately, you can still get support for these lingering withdrawal symptoms. When you begin a program at Gateway Foundation Joliet, you can expect to start with a full intake evaluation. This is an assessment of you, your health and your recovery thus far. It’s a great way to establish a baseline and figure out how you need to address any withdrawal symptoms that are still hanging around.

Finding a New Normal

Addiction recovery can be overwhelming. One day, you might feel healthy, inspired and ready to commit to a lifetime of sobriety. The very next day, you might struggle to stay on track thanks to cravings and temptations. This is normal, and it is essential to know that you’re not alone.

Sometimes, the best help a patient can get is just knowing that other people experience things in the same way. Recovery doesn’t have to be lonely, and part of withdrawal management is knowing what to expect. If you can anticipate changes, you can establish a new kind of normal. Although you can’t control the recovery process, you can be better informed and create a plan for any obstacles in your way.

Withdrawal Management and More at Gateway Foundation Joliet

You can’t focus on recovery if you’re worried about withdrawal symptoms. At Gateway Foundation Joliet, you’ll access withdrawal management support as well as a wide range of other therapy options. Just a few of the many addiction treatment services available to patients include the following:

An outpatient program at Gateway Foundation in Joliet, Illinois might be the right place for your recovery. You can expect excellent withdrawal management as well as guidance for long-term sobriety. If you’re ready to take the next step and change your life for the better, then call 815.265.6734 right away.