Prescription drugs can be legitimately useful in a medical context. People across the country can benefit from drugs that treat everything from anxiety to acute pain. However, prescription drugs also come with serious risks and even the threat of addiction. If you or someone you love is struggling, then prescription drug addiction treatment at Gateway Foundation Joliet might be the best next step.

Recognizing a Prescription Drug Addiction

a woman talks to a doctor about prescription drug addiction at a Joliet prescription drug addiction rehab centerIt is challenging to identify a prescription drug addiction accurately. That’s because prescription drugs are so widely available today. If you see someone taking a medication, you may just assume that a doctor recommended it. Even if a physician recommends a medication, however, users can still struggle with addiction issues.

A definite sign that a person needs a Joliet prescription drug addiction rehab center is if they are no longer following their doctor’s orders. If a doctor prescribes a specific dosage of an opioid painkiller a day, saving them up and taking three at once is not appropriate. Directly disobeying a physician’s recommendations may be a sign of dependency or abuse.

Another sign of prescription drug addiction is a practice known as doctor shopping. This is when clients get prescriptions for their condition from more than one doctor at a time. It also refers to when a person visits more than one pharmacy to fill the prescription multiple times. The result is an increased dose of the drug, which lines up with changes to tolerance and a growing addiction. In these cases, addiction therapy services are necessary.

Managing a Prolonged Withdrawal

Typically, overcoming drug addiction is considered to be a two-part process. First, clients complete a detox. Then, they can transition into a rehab program. In the case of prescription drug addiction treatment, however, that process isn’t always so straightforward.

To start, the withdrawal symptoms from prescription drugs can last a long time, depending on the severity of the addiction. In the case of benzodiazepines, for example, clients may experience lingering psychological symptoms for weeks or even months. Long after the detox program has ended, clients may still need support for withdrawal.

At Gateway Foundation Joliet, there is an emphasis on withdrawal management. This means recognizing that withdrawal isn’t always a simple process. Sometimes, clients need extra support as they get back on track and focus on their recovery. Ongoing withdrawal management lets clients stay supported for longer.

Resolving the Underlying Issues

At a Joliet prescription drug addiction rehab center, clients deserve to have more than just surface treatment. Yes, it is incredibly important to address the chemical issues of addiction. It is also important to learn coping mechanisms. However, clients also need support as they address why the prescription drug addiction developed in the first place.

It is rare that a person begins using prescription drugs for no reason. Often, clients start by taking the drugs as recommended by a physician. In other cases, clients abuse drugs but do genuinely struggle with unresolved health issues. If clients are going to truly begin prescription drug addiction treatment, they need help addressing that critical underlying issue.

Since the underlying issues aren’t the same for everyone, this part of recovery requires personalization. As you explore your Joliet prescription drug addiction rehab center options, look for a program that can customize treatment to accommodate the lifestyle, history, and health of every individual client.

Completing Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment at Gateway Foundation Joliet

If you have an addiction to prescription medications, then prescription drug addiction treatment isn’t optional. It is the only way for you to effectively fight back against a drug dependency that will only worsen with time. The good news is that substance abuse treatment services through Gateway Foundation Joliet can transform your life for the better.

As you begin your journey to recovery, you deserve to have help by your side every step of the way. Gateway Foundation in Joliet can offer a variety of treatment methods and strategies, just some of which are as follows:

Prescription drug addiction treatment can give you back control over your life. At Gateway Foundation Joliet in Joliet, Illinois, it is time to get the help you deserve. Call 815.206.8477 and learn more about overcoming addiction once and for all.