Many Americans have heard about the opioid crisis in this country, but they may not realize the severity of the problem. For some people, it seems impossible that prescription medication could lead to addiction. And yet, this is something that happens every day to millions of people. The right opioid addiction treatment can be a literal lifesaver for you or for someone you love. Find out how to get opioid addiction treatment and the positive difference it can make in your life.

The Opioid Crisis

a man talks to a counselor during opioid addiction treatmentDespite the risks associated with opioid abuse and addiction, many doctors prescribe these drugs because they work. Unfortunately, abuse of various opioids has led to a serious crisis across the U.S., with millions of Americans developing addictions to these potent medications.

People take opioids to manage pain, whether after surgery or for a chronic condition. Common opioid medications include codeine, Oxycodone, hydrocodone, and Percocet. Some cough medicines contain opioids as well. They’re narcotic drugs that can give users a sense of euphoria.

Just because a doctor prescribes them doesn’t mean they don’t come without risks. People can develop an addiction to these drugs, even when they use them as directed. Likewise, many others without a valid prescription abuse them just to feel their effects. They may find opioids in the family medicine cabinet and use someone else’s pills or abuse cough syrup in their desire to get high.

It’s vital to get opioid addiction treatment to overcome this problem. Without help, users may overdose.

The Need for Opioid Addiction Treatment

How do you know if someone close to you needs help for opioid abuse? Common signs that point to a need for opioid addiction treatment include the following:

  • Marked drowsiness
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Work- and school-related problems
  • Slowed reflexes
  • Running out of medication faster than expected

Are you the one with a growing opioid dependency? If you use more than you know you should and you want to cut back, but you simply can’t, this signals a problem. You might be feeling more anxious or depressed, which is common with substance abuse. Of course, opioid addiction treatment is necessary to overcome dependency and addiction. Without it, your physical, mental, and emotional health are in jeopardy.

What to Expect in Opioid Addiction Treatment

It can be hard admitting that you need addiction therapy services, but once you do, you’ve already taken a big step. Then, you’ll have to find a rehab facility that meets your needs. Inpatient, also known as Residential, treatment and Outpatient Addiction Treatment are both viable options.

During rehab, you’ll participate in various forms of therapy to uncover the core issues that contributed to your addiction. You’ll also gain important coping skills that you can use for the rest of your life. Instead of turning to drugs and alcohol to feel good, you can exercise or meditate to relax and feel calm.

Besides psychotherapy, family therapy, and group therapies, you may also enjoy holistic activities as part of treatment. A comprehensive approach that includes evidence-based treatment with holistic therapies gives clients a greater chance at long-term recovery.

A Full Continuum of Effective Services

At Gateway Foundation Joliet, we provide a range of substance abuse treatment services to help men and women overcome the devastating effects of addiction. With our Outpatient and half-day Outpatient programs, we offer an unparalleled level of care for clients who need additional support as they work through recovery.

Every patient has an individualized treatment plan designed to meet specific needs. If we feel you need Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) to ease withdrawal from opioids, we’ll do what we can to make you more comfortable.

Our services include the following:

Opioid addiction treatment saves lives. Gateway Foundation has been helping people for over 50 years with our effective nonprofit addiction treatment. If you or a loved one is ready to get the opioid addiction treatment you need to turn your life around, call Gateway Foundation Joliet today at [DirectNumber] for more information.