The dangers of heroin addiction are too numerous to count. Heroin addiction can impact your health, your family relationships, your friendships, your career, and your finances. Worse still, trying to overcome a heroin addiction on your own is incredibly difficult. The good news is that heroin addiction treatment at Gateway Foundation Joliet can give you support and care as you overcome addiction for good.

Breaking Free From Heroin

a man talks to a counselor during heroin addiction treatment at a Joliet heroin addiction rehab centerThere is no medical use for heroin. There is no safe way to use the drug, and as many as one in four people who try heroin just once develop an addiction. In short, anyone who is using heroin in any capacity is probably addicted to the drug.

Despite this fact, many people argue that they could stop using heroin at any time. If you have ever tried to quit using heroin in the past, but you stumbled, then you’re dealing with an addiction. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging this fact. Heroin is highly addictive, and just stating that you’re ready to break free is a critical first step.

What Heroin Addiction Treatment Looks Like

Once you identify that addiction is a problem in your life, you can begin fighting back. Typically, the journey to recovery starts with detox. This is when you completely stop using heroin.

It is always best to complete a heroin detox under medical supervision. That’s because heroin withdrawal can come with some severe side effects. Rather than suffering in pain or putting your health at risk, being in a supervised detox allows you to use all the resources that are available to you.

After a brief period of detox, clients usually transition to a rehab program. However, their withdrawal symptoms don’t necessarily disappear right on cue. For that reason, it is smart to choose a Joliet heroin addiction rehab center that offers withdrawal management. This allows clients to get support as they need it.

Finding Treatment That Fits Your Lifestyle

Heroin addiction treatment isn’t one size fits all. A program that works perfectly for you might not be right for the very next client who comes along. Some clients are eager to commit to a 24/7 rehab program that includes overnight accommodation. For many individuals, however, that kind of schedule just isn’t realistic for their lifestyle.

At a Joliet heroin addiction rehab center like Gateway Foundation Joliet, you can opt for Outpatient heroin addiction treatment. An Outpatient program tends to be more flexible and a lot more convenient, not to mention less expensive than residential options. By choosing the route of Outpatient Treatment, clients can still commit to other obligations like family, community, work, and school.

The Personal Nature of Addiction Treatment

The best substance abuse treatment services take the individual needs of the client into account. After all, no two people start using heroin for the same reasons. To truly address the underlying issues, therapists need to get to know the client.

As a client, you should begin heroin addiction treatment with an open mind. Be ready to be open and honest, because that approach will lead to the best results. Treatment can tend to your unique history and health, which in turn leads to lower relapse rates in the future.

Some clients might be using heroin as an alternative to prescription painkillers that deal with chronic pain. By getting better medical care or starting new therapies, that pain can be reduced. Other clients may need help managing stress or dealing with undiagnosed mental health disorders.

What Gateway Foundation Joliet Can Offer Clients

For many clients, Gateway Foundation Joliet is the best choice for a Joliet heroin addiction rehab center. Through an Outpatient recovery program, clients can overcome heroin addiction and get support from peers, as well as medical professionals. Along the way, take advantage of many addiction therapy services, just some of which include the following:

At Gateway Foundation Joliet, you can start to fight back against drug addiction. Through Outpatient heroin addiction treatment, it is possible to fit recovery into your busy lifestyle. When you’re ready to take the next step, call 815.206.8477.