With a population near 150,000, Joliet IL is a hub of traffic and industrial growth in need of drug addiction treatment centers. Home to Amazon and ExxonMobil, the area reflects the professional opportunities that abound there. The median income in the area is $60,976 while the per capita income for the city is approximately $24,374. In the midst of all the economic and industrial growth, there also is a growing drug epidemic.

Located just outside the Chicago area, Juliet faces heroin traffic that threatens to be a detriment to the residents there. This growing trend necessitates the creation of a heroin addiction treatment program. For those caught up in the midst of the rising heroin crisis, a drug addiction treatment program is a solution for healing.

What is Drug Addiction Treatment?

Man undergoing drug addiction treatmentA Joliet drug addiction treatment program is a rehab center designed to assist people who are struggling with drug addiction. Each facility varies offering different types of programs, therapies, and resources. However, the main objectives of all drug addiction programs are the following:

  • Drug addiction assessment
  • Dual diagnosis of co-occurring conditions
  • Provide therapies for underlying mental health disorders
  • Provide evidence-based therapies for drug addiction
  • Teach skills to prevent relapse
  • Teach skills to identify triggers

In fact, proven methods are implemented to reach the above goals so that by the time rehab is completed, you will be able to accomplish these objectives.

How Do Therapies Help for Drug Addiction?

By and large, therapy is the backbone of any rehab. Without therapy, a person will likely relapse. Although you may get off drugs for a period of time, if you don’t find the underlying root of your problem and resolve it, then when you get away from the structure of a rehab center, then there is a likelihood that you’ll go back to drugs again. Hence, this is why therapy plays a key part in the healing process.

What Types of Therapies are Used in Rehab in Joliet?

In a drug addiction treatment program the most important factor about therapy is that it’s evidence-based. This means that scientific research has proven that these therapies will work for drug addiction problems. Ordinarily, some of these therapies include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This therapy is a type of psychotherapy. Its main objective is to help you change negative thought patterns to positive ones. It aims to help you see how your perception of situations affects your emotions and therefore your behavior. Once the negative perceptions are challenged and overturned, positive behavior is more readily achieved.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

The goal of this type of drug addiction treatment is to help you reduce conflict with others and teaches you how to manage difficult emotions. Emotional regulation is one of the key components of this therapy. People who struggle with drug addiction often use drugs as a coping mechanism for painful emotions.

Trauma Therapy

This therapy is helpful for those who have experienced a traumatic incident in the past. The goal of the therapy is to help you accept the trauma without becoming fixated on it. It guides you safely past the traumatic incident teaching you appropriate coping skills.

Additionally, many therapies complement one another. Pairing multiple therapies together creates a more positive outcome for participating clients.

Finding Treatment in Juliet, IL

Given these points, we’d like to introduce you to the Gateway Foundation Joliet. In short, we are a drug addiction center that focuses on holistic healing using evidence-based methods. Our personalized programs also help you find the journey to health and happiness. Furthermore, some of these programs include:

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