Although cocaine comes from a natural plant in South America, it is definitely not harmless. As a stimulant drug, cocaine can cause many serious problems. Cocaine abuse is rampant, and many users eventually develop an addiction. With the help of a cocaine addiction treatment program at Gateway Foundation Joliet, you can break free from the bonds of addiction and live your life without cocaine.

Signs and Symptoms of a Cocaine Addiction

a man talks to a counselor during cocaine addiction treatment at a Joliet cocaine addiction rehab centerSome drug users think of cocaine as a party drug. Some people use the drug for its stimulant effects, which can include increased energy and a boost in confidence. However, widespread use of cocaine doesn’t diminish its harmful effects.

If you have a cocaine addiction, then the drug will almost certainly disrupt your life in many ways. To start, cocaine is expensive. This can mean serious financial problems and the inability to have good judgment when making decisions about money.

Another sign of cocaine addiction is rapid mood swings. Using cocaine can pick you up and give you energy, but that won’t last for long. As little as 30 minutes later, you could feel tired, depressed, or even paranoid. Many cocaine users repeat this cycle for extended periods.

If you think someone you care about is abusing cocaine or has an addiction to the drug, then finding substance abuse treatment services from a Joliet cocaine addiction rehab center should be a priority. Some of the most common signs of cocaine addiction include:

  • Dilated pupils
  • Drastic changes to weight
  • A runny nose
  • Nosebleeds
  • Changes to sleep patterns
  • Personality shifts

Committing to the Recovery Process

Once you can admit that you have a cocaine addiction, you can start to prepare for the recovery process. Cocaine addiction treatment follows a rough outline, but every individual client will need his or her own approach. The first part of recovery tends to be ending your physical dependence on the drug. This can happen during a medically supervised detox.

As crucial as detox is, it is not the only part of the recovery process. You might achieve sobriety, but detox doesn’t teach you how to stay sober. Fortunately, you can learn that at a Joliet cocaine addiction rehab center like Gateway Foundation Joliet.

Rehab is all about learning how to protect your new life of sobriety. That might mean figuring out why you started using cocaine in the first place. If you abused cocaine because of stress or mental health issues, rehab is a good time to confront and resolve these concerns once and for all.

No rehab works perfectly for everyone. Instead, clients need to choose the format and the therapies that best address their needs and their goals for recovery.

The Benefits of Outpatient Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Outpatient cocaine addiction treatment offers many advantages. For those who worry about the costs of rehab, Outpatient is less expensive than residential options. Plus, the Outpatient programs at Gateway Foundation Joliet accept in-network and out-of-network insurance, along with financing options.

Outpatient programs are also ideal because they don’t require you to give up your life for sobriety. If you’re in any kind of rehab program, then you probably want to break free from a cocaine addiction. However, addiction therapy services don’t have to be the only thing going on in your life. Outpatient cocaine addiction treatment can fit into your family plans or your career goals while you continue to make recovery a priority.

Therapies at Gateway Foundation Joliet That Can Help

Gateway Foundation is a Joliet cocaine addiction rehab center that offers flexible Outpatient programs just outside of Chicago. All clients can look forward to a thorough intake assessment, which is a great way to set the tone for personalized treatment. Throughout the recovery process, you can look forward to peer and medical support as you overcome addiction. Some of the many therapies available at Gateway Foundation Joliet include the following:

Cocaine addiction treatment can help you overcome addiction and break free from cocaine abuse once and for all. At Gateway Foundation Joliet, in Joliet, Illinois, you’ll be able to find an Outpatient program that accommodates your lifestyle. To end addiction for good, learn more about treatment options and call 815.206.8477.