Over 86% of adults in America drink alcohol in their lifetime. Although many of these individuals can drink alcohol without becoming dependent on it, others struggle with addiction issues. Fortunately, alcohol addiction treatment is available, and it can make a big difference for those ready to overcome addiction. At Gateway Foundation Joliet, you can embark on a journey to sobriety that is effective and close to home.

When to Seek Out Alcohol Addiction Treatment

two men discuss their alcohol addiction treatment at a Joliet alcohol addiction rehab centerOften, the most challenging step on the road to recovery is acknowledging that there is a problem. Since most adults drink alcohol, it is easy to assume that your drinking habits are in line with everyone else’s. In reality, however, there is a big difference between appropriate alcohol consumption and substance abuse.

One of the first signs is merely the inability to control the amount of alcohol you drink. If you plan to have a single cocktail with friends but routinely end up drinking several beverages instead, then you might have a problem. Similarly, you might have an addiction to alcohol if you’ve tried to stop drinking in the past. If you tried to stop but failed, then you might be chemically dependent on alcohol.

Ultimately, the best way to tell if you could benefit from a Joliet alcohol addiction rehab center is to think about how alcohol impacts your life. If drinking alcohol causes negative consequences, yet you continue drinking, then dependence is likely. Individuals who continue to drink despite health, financial, and relationship concerns are putting their addiction above everything else in life. The only way to break free from that dynamic is to seek professional alcohol addiction treatment.

Identifying the Underlying Issues of Alcoholism

Substance abuse treatment services can help patients overcome substance abuse issues. However, it needs to extend way beyond just the physical conditions of alcohol addiction. The reality is that addiction impacts all areas of life, and it can develop because of a whole host of reasons. For alcohol addiction treatment to be truly effective, it needs to identify and then address any underlying issues that remain.

Alcohol addiction can stem from mental health issues like undiagnosed depression or anxiety. It can also be a result of trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder. Sometimes, personality disorders or the inability to manage stress are partly to blame. By addressing these concerns head-on with dual diagnosis treatment, patients will be better able to move forward after rehab is over.

Planning For Long-Term Sobriety

At a Joliet alcohol addiction rehab center, many strategies and treatments can help recovery. However, they should always have the goal of long-term sobriety. It is not enough, after all, just to get sober. It is just as important for patients to learn how to maintain their newfound sobriety for the months and years ahead.

Alcohol addiction treatment should show patients how to prepare for the future. That starts with creating a network of support. That might include family members, therapists, close friends, or even peers from rehab. This community of support can be integral when it comes to avoiding the risk of relapse.

What Gateway Foundation Joliet Can Offer Patients

If you are looking for a Joliet alcohol addiction rehab center, consider Gateway Foundation. At Gateway Foundation Joliet, you can explore Outpatient substance abuse programs that will help you overcome alcohol addiction once and for all. Programs start with withdrawal management and transition all the way to aftercare support and relapse prevention planning.

Most importantly, treatment plans can be personalized for each patient. That means patients can look forward to programs that address their personal needs, history, and health. Just some of the many effective addiction therapy services available for patients include the following:

If you want to end your dependence on alcohol, then alcohol addiction treatment is by far the best option. At Gateway Foundation Joliet, in Joliet, Illinois, you can get Outpatient support just outside of Chicago. Call 815.206.8477 when you’re ready to take the next step toward a life of sobriety and wellness.