In 2010, drugs and alcohol cost the United States over $740 billion in healthcare, crimes, and lost work productivity.

Addiction is a medical disease. It doesn’t have a cure, but treatment can keep symptoms at bay and help people who struggle with substance abuse achieve a fulfilling life in recovery. The best substance abuse treatment programs do more than help you quit using drugs; they provide the support, skills, and therapy that are necessary to help you understand addiction, gain insight on your triggers, become aware of negative behavior patterns, and empower yourself to break free of the damaging cycle.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

At Gateway Foundation Joliet, we offer evening and half-day outpatient addiction treatment programs in Joliet. Part of the challenge of getting and staying sober is learning how to go about your daily life without using drugs. Outpatient Treatment is ideal for people who don’t need supervision around the clock. They also help people who have obligations at home, school or their jobs learn how to juggle their responsibilities with their newfound sobriety as they move down the path toward recovery.

What Is a 12-Step Program?

The 12-Step Program is a recovery program developed by Alcoholics Anonymous that encourages self-reflection and growth. As people move through the 12 steps, they learn to understand their addictions and develop coping mechanisms.

What Are The Benefits Of Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Programs?

Outpatient treatment lets you have the flexibility that you need to fit your schedule. For many people, giving up a job that supports a household is not feasible. Doing so could expose you to additional stress, which could make moving through the treatment process difficult. You can celebrate your achievements as you continue to work or maintain your studies as you journey toward wellness.

Attending an addiction treatment center part-time may also be more affordable than enrolling in a residential program. You’ll still get the same level of care as you would from residential treatment. We accept insurance and offer financing options, which can help you cover the costs of substance abuse treatment programs.

You don’t have to isolate yourself from your support network at home and in the community while going through outpatient treatment. You can stay close to your loved ones while you devote some time each day to the important work of healing.

Over 8 million American adult women misused prescription drugs in the past year.
Most Commonly Abused Substances by Men

1 Marijuana

2 Alcohol

3 Heroin


Most Commonly Abused Substances by Women

  • Prescription opioids
  • Anti-anxiety medication
  • Cocaine
  • Meth

What Options For Therapy Are Available With Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

We offer a comprehensive approach to treatment, and your specific plan depends on your needs. There is not a universal approach to addiction treatment that works for everyone. That’s why we offer a variety of options at Gateway Foundation Joliet.

We’ll provide you with substance abuse education that allows you to understand how addiction happens and what strategies are effective for sustaining recovery. We also offer individual and group counseling. You’ll typically undergo multiple sessions every week for a period of four to six weeks. You can involve your family in therapy sessions that give them the valuable tools, education, and resources that they need to support you during this life-changing time.

If you’re having trouble managing your withdrawal symptoms or cravings for drugs, we can provide medication that helps you stay comfortable and reduces your urges to use substances. We’ll also monitor your medication needs and adjust them as necessary.

Our approach to therapy doesn’t end after you’ve completed your initial program. We also offer relapse prevention and support to help you stay sober even when things get tough.

Some of the specific treatment modalities that we use include:

If you have ever thought that you might benefit from substance abuse treatment programs but don’t know where to start, call Gateway Foundation Joliet at 815.206.8477. Our programs are ideal for people who live in northern Illinois and the southwestern Chicago suburbs.

Don’t wait to get the outpatient addiction treatment you need. To learn more about recovery, call Gateway Foundation Joliet.