Drug or alcohol addiction is a traumatizing situation for any home. Whether you live alone or within a family unit, the effects of addiction have lasting consequences. Many people struggle in silence with addiction problems never seeking the help they so desperately need while others talk about getting help but never do. It’s not easy changing a habit that has a hold on your life but it’s possible with the help of  Cigna rehab.

As you begin the rehab admissions process, you’ll probably be asked for insurance verification. You may be wondering what types of insurances are covered and how much you will have to pay. What can you expect from Cigna rehab insurance coverage? Let’s take a closer look to determine how insurance plays a part in the drug rehab process.

Do Insurance Companies Pay for Drug Rehab?

Man in rehab thanks to Cigna rehab insurance coveragePrivate insurance carriers are obligated to cover drug addiction treatment. The current healthcare legislation (NOT THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT OR ACA) mandates that insurance carriers must cover drug addiction care just as they would any other medical care. This means that drug addiction is classified as a medical condition and insurance companies cannot deny coverage.

However, the amount of coverage your insurance carrier, such as Cigna, will have to pay depends on your individual plan. Some plans cover all or the expenses while others cover a portion of the treatment.

How to Find Out How Much Coverage Your Insurance Carrier Provides

Cigna is a global health service company providing insurance coverage for individuals, employers, and organizations. Access to healthcare and mental health services is globally, and Cigna works with brokers and consultants to ensure comprehensive medical care.

On the other hand, due to the variety of healthcare plans, coverage options, and deductible choices, the amount that Cigna will pay for drug addiction rehab treatment varies. The treatment facility can provide a verification of your benefits, and this is the best way to find out how much the particular plan will cover.

Why Rehab Drug Treatment is Necessary

Once you determine what the Cigna rehab insurance coverage in Joliet IL is, it’s vital to take the next step and schedule your admissions evaluation. A rehab coordinator will assess your situation by asking you questions about your drug use and history. Also, they will go over substance abuse programs with you to see which one fits your situation best such as an intensive outpatient or outpatient program.

Additionally, receiving drug treatment without delay is critical for many reasons such as:

  • Your health depends on breaking free from drug addiction
  • You will be happy once you are off drugs
  • Move forward with a successful career and life when drugs aren’t holding you down
  • You will have greater self-esteem
  • You will have a closer relationship with your friends and family

Finding a Facility that Offers Cigna Rehab 

Above all, welcome to the Gateway Foundation Joliet where our experience, trained staff provide you with the tools and resources to come off drugs. Using therapies and programs that are science-based, we have helped over 1 million people experience healing from drug addiction.

For example, some common therapies our clients partake in are:

Additionally, we also offer:

At our facility, you’ll experience the strong support of our recovery community. These individuals provide valuable insight and guidance in group therapy sessions.

It’s time to take your life in a better direction. Check with a coordinator about Cigna rehab today and then begin the journey to overcome your addiction. Contact us at [DirectNumber], and we’ll get you on the road to recovery.