Substance abuse is a serious issue, and it impacts millions of people every year in the United States. A lot of people need help but end up in what is known as the treatment gap and therefore don’t participate in addiction treatment or rehab programs. Cost should never, ever be a reason that you or someone you love doesn’t seek help. If you understand more about rehab insurance coverage at Gateway Foundation Joliet, then you can begin the recovery process sooner.

Rehab Insurance Coverage: What the Law Says

Therapist explaining rehab insurance coverage to a patientOften, the first thing a person says about the prospect of addiction treatment is, “I can’t afford that.” In reality, you can’t afford not to complete a rehab program. Rehab is arguably the best and only way to truly end addiction and gain the tools you’ll need to lead a healthy and sober life. Scientists, doctors, insurance companies and now lawmakers support this line of thinking.

Under United States law, all health insurance policies must include coverage for addiction treatment. Beyond that, there are plenty of differences. But, it is abundantly clear that addiction is a serious illness that demands medical and psychological attention. As a result, anyone with health insurance can guarantee some kind of financial support for some kind of addiction treatment program.

Financing Rehab Out-of-Network

Of course, Joliet rehab insurance coverage isn’t always as straightforward as you might hope. One key factor in rehab insurance coverage is whether your rehab of choice is within the insurance provider’s network. The network is a list of medical providers that the insurance company has a good working relationship with. Sometimes, state lines create the network, and in other cases, it can seem almost arbitrary.

If you want to obtain Joliet rehab insurance coverage, your first thought might be to check to see if Gateway Foundation is part of your provider’s network. However, it is important to note that you can get care and even coverage outside of your network.

Seeking rehab insurance coverage outside of your network just means there could be an extra step to the process. For example, some out-of-network care requires additional paperwork or offers reimbursement only after the treatment is complete. These restrictions don’t have to limit your choices because you can choose to get care from anywhere, even if it’s not in your provider’s network.

Reading the Fine Print of Your Health Insurance Policy

One of the facts of rehab insurance coverage is that every policy is unique. For better or worse, this makes it hard to know exactly what will be covered and what won’t be. For example, some policies stipulate that individuals can choose coverage, but it has to be outpatient coverage.

Other clients might have the option of coverage, but only for 60 days. There is also the issue of the deductible, which you should get familiar with. Your policy might only begin coverage after the deductible has been paid.

Choose a Rehab and Have Them Verify Your Insurance

To qualify for Joliet rehab insurance coverage, you might assume that the best place to start is by calling your health insurance provider. In reality, it can be much better to decide where the best rehab program is and work from there.

This works because staff at Gateway Foundation Joliet are well versed in insurance providers and coverage. They can quickly understand your policy and connect with your provider, and they can help you organize the best possible care. They can handle insurance verification on your behalf and get you toward treatment in less time and with less hassle.

What Coverage Will Get You at Gateway Foundation Joliet

Sorting out the financial side of rehab coverage is necessary, but it is ultimately less important than the rehab itself. At Gateway Foundation Joliet, rehab is a comprehensive and customizable program. As a client, you can look forward to all of the following while in treatment:

Don’t let worries about rehab insurance coverage stop you from recovery. At Gateway Foundation Joliet in Illinois, staff are on hand to help you choose the right rehab program and verify your insurance. Call [DirectNumber] to learn more about your recovery options today.