Up to 60% of individuals who go to addiction treatment relapse within the first year.

The hardest part of recovery is often the independence that comes once treatment ends. While many continue to speak to a counselor on a regular basis, it can still be jarring to transition back into everyday life with an entirely new mindset. For this reason, Gateway Foundation Joliet works hard to foster an addiction recovery community that our program alumni can rely on.


Why is an addiction recovery community so important? For one, it’s immensely difficult to make such a significant life change alone. People are social by nature, and creating positive change is easier with someone (or many people) in your corner.

Having others to relate to is also a huge plus of an Alumni program. Many don’t have sober friends they can turn to once treatment is over. By connecting with others that are in recovery themselves, former clients can find support and fellowship. In fact, many friendships begin at Gateway Foundation Alumni program events.

These friendships can help fight the loneliness many people feel when first trying to maintain their recovery. After all, going out for a few drinks with friends after work is no longer an option. Sobriety can be an incredibly isolating experience, so forging connections with others with similar priorities is essential to long-term success.

What Are Support Groups?

Support groups are regular meetings between individuals in addiction recovery. During these meetings, they discuss the organization’s philosophy, their experiences, and any difficult situations they may be facing.


Getting involved in your local sober community can be a perfect way to build the support system you need. There are a variety of different options, like finding a weekly AA meeting to attend or participating in alumni events hosted by Gateway Foundation Joliet.

You can even help others working toward their own sobriety. Easy ways to volunteer include:

  • Assisting with the planning and execution of alumni events
  • Host a meal for others in recovery
  • Make suggestions for future events
  • Promote upcoming addiction recovery community events at local meetings
  • Talk with current clients to share your story

Just as each person’s journey through addiction treatment is different, everyone’s approach to recovery is different as well. Some are content to find other sober friends to hang out with. Others find fulfillment from helping people currently undergoing treatment. The important thing is finding a community that supports your goals.

Gateway Foundation Joliet also utilizes a mobile app, myStrength, to further support clients’ continued success. This app provides clients and alumni alike with addiction treatment resources to help them sustain their recovery.

Common Support Groups

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
  • Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
  • SMART Recovery
  • Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS)
In 2017, there were over 2 million members of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Activities that Occur in Addiction Recovery Communities

1 Alumni outings and trips

2 Support group meetings

3 Sober holiday events

4 Volunteer opportunities


From weekly meetings to fun events, there’s always something happening in the Gateway Foundation Joliet addiction recovery community. Our addiction treatment staff can help you explore options that will help you build the support network you need. To find out more about our Alumni program or any other addiction therapy services, reach out to us today at 815.206.8477.

Let Gateway Foundation Joliet help you take the next step in your recovery journey. Call us today to learn more.