Drug and alcohol addiction can take hold anywhere. For those who live in Chicago, finding a suitable place for recovery can be a challenge. Fortunately, a West Chicago addiction rehab center can save the day. Gateway Foundation Joliet is located just outside of Chicago and offers clients the chance to break free from addiction once and for all.

Integrate Recovery Into Your Lifestyle

a woman reflects on her time at a West Chicago addiction rehab center and West Chicago rehab centerOften, people assume that all recovery programs involve accommodation, overnight stays, and a 24/7 environment. Although Residential programs are available and can be helpful for certain clients, they are not the only option. In fact, many clients do better when they can maintain their lifestyles.

At a West Chicago addiction rehab center like Gateway Foundation Joliet, clients can choose from Intensive Outpatient programs and traditional Outpatient programs. Both are flexible enough to fit into your daily routine and lifestyle. Whether you are a parent or you need to continue working or attending classes, you can overcome addiction at the same time.

Plus, there is something to be said for continuing with your life during rehab. Instead of going from a protected environment straight back into the real world, an Outpatient approach is like a set of training wheels. You’ll get regular support through addiction therapy services while you slowly transition back to your independent way of life.

Make Withdrawal Management a Priority

Often, clients complete a detox program and then transition to a West Chicago rehab center for counseling. Although this approach can and does work, not all withdrawal symptoms disappear the minute you walk out of a detox center.

A better approach is to pay attention to lingering withdrawal symptoms even after rehab has begun. That’s exactly what you can expect at Gateway Foundation Joliet. Medical professionals place a priority on what is known as withdrawal management. That means identifying any ongoing withdrawal symptoms, treating them, and ensuring that they don’t create an obstacle on the way to a lifetime of sobriety.

Create a Community For Recovery

If you or your loved ones are considering a West Chicago addiction rehab center, you might also be considering programs further from home. While leaving home can be an option for some clients, the logistics and costs can be a problem. Fortunately, there are many benefits to completing rehab close to where you already live.

Fast forward to the day that you are ready to leave rehab. What kind of support will you have when you’re on your own? Do you have a good relationship with family members nearby? Do you have an established connection with a local addiction support group in the area?

It is easier to start creating this system of support while you’re already in rehab. Then, you can seamlessly transition from a West Chicago rehab center to the community of support you’ve built for the future.

Customized Treatment to Meet Individual Client Needs

Even if you’re at the very best West Chicago addiction rehab center, you shouldn’t expect to follow a set plan throughout recovery. That’s because no two clients are exactly alike, and no two clients should follow the same steps to sobriety. Ideally, clients can look forward to custom treatment that takes their individual needs into account.

Sometimes that means heavy family involvement, and in other cases, it means finding an alternative to 12-step programs. Some clients struggle with co-occurring disorders and require dual diagnosis support, and others can focus on Motivational Interviewing. It boils down to flexibility and the ability to alter plans as needed for individual clients.

What to Look For at a West Chicago Addiction Rehab Center

If you’re looking for a West Chicago rehab center, then Gateway Foundation Joliet could be the answer. An Outpatient Addiction Treatment program can be a convenient way to fit recovery into your lifestyle. Plus, you’ll have access to all of the following substance abuse treatment services:

A West Chicago addiction rehab center like Gateway Foundation Joliet in Illinois can set the stage for lifelong recovery. If you’re ready to learn more and start working toward sobriety, call 815.206.8477.