More than 10% of children in the United States currently have a parent who struggles with alcoholism.

About Gateway Foundation Joliet

The professionals at Gateway Foundation Joliet understand that each person’s experiences with addiction are different. Some addiction issues stem from trauma, others as a way to mask grief or loss. Regardless of how an addiction starts, comprehensive treatment is necessary to live a life of recovery. If you’re struggling with a substance abuse problem, learn more about Gateway Foundation Joliet and how we can offer the support you need.

What Is Gateway Foundation?

Gateway Foundation is a network of addiction treatment centers that offers a wide range of programs and services. Whether you need residential care or more flexible outpatient options, a provider in the Gateway family can help.

Gateway brings over 50 years of addiction treatment experience with over one million clients graduating from our programs. Ours is a formula of success, and the programs at Gateway Foundation Joliet are no exception.

Our Joliet location is an outpatient, dual diagnosis addiction treatment center. Located in the southwestern suburbs of Chicago, it provides convenient access to I-55 and Route 30. This centrally-located office also offers flexible hours to fit your schedule.

What is Outpatient Treatment?

In outpatient treatment, clients visit the facility for several hours a week and then return home afterwards. This allows clients to maintain obligations while receiving the treatment they need.

Our Programs

The most important thing to know about Gateway Foundation Joliet is that we offer two main addiction treatment programs: our outpatient program, and our half-day outpatient program. Both programs help support clients who are relatively stable but need a little extra support to maintain their recovery.

In our outpatient program, we provide a variety of services and therapies to support healing from addiction. Our certified staff crafts an individualized treatment plan for each client, based on their specific needs. We also take the client’s history and goals into account while building out treatment plans. Not all treatment methods will work for all clients, so we adapt based on what is effective for each individual.

Our half-day outpatient program features all of the same benefits as our traditional outpatient offering. However, Gateway Foundation Joliet begins offering treatment as early as 10:30 am. This flexibility allows our clients to balance their obligations with their recovery.

We also offer Medication-Assisted Treatment to clients in need of a little extra support. Withdrawal from certain substances, usually opioids, can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful. In these cases, our staff may recommend the use of medications to lessen the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

States with the Largest Prevalence of Binge Drinking Among Adults

  • Illinois
  • Wisconsin
  • Pennsylvania
  • Ohio

Our Services

The best thing about Gateway Foundation Joliet is the variety of addiction therapy services that we have available. Our offerings include the following:

Our office provides all of the benefits of larger residential facilities, but with a more individualized feel. Our smaller programs allow us to give each client the attention they need and deserve while utilizing the methods that work best for them.

Over half of American adults have a family history of alcohol use disorder.
Long term health effects of alcohol use

1 Cirrhosis

2 Pancreatitis

3 High blood pressure

4 Cancer

Learn More About Gateway Foundation Joliet

Acknowledging that you have an addiction and reaching out for help can feel both scary and impossible. For this reason, we strive to make it as easy as possible for people in need to access the care that they deserve. We accept both in- and out-of-network insurance plans, and we also provide financing when necessary.

To find out more about Gateway Foundation Joliet and our expert addiction treatment staff, give us a call today at 815.206.8477.

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